HALF OF MË (2016)

There's something mysterious about Zoë. Unable to face her past, she hides behind different personas. An unexpected situation forces her to confront her true identity head-on. Will this be the intervention that Zoë needs to save herself? 

NESSARO Productions presents "Half of Më" produced, written, shot, directed and edited by Vanessa Roth. Original Music Score by Daniel Chant-Burgess. Wardrobe Styling by Kayley Coppin. 

Starring; Kathryn Roth & Joe Wandera.

Dear Mum Poster.jpg

DEAR MUM (2015)


Months after the passing of Jordan’s (Devarnio Connolly) mother, his father Errol turns to alcohol abuse to mask his grief. Jordan’s life turns upside down when he stumbles across a life-changing letter. Jasmine (Garcia Brown) was adopted as a child into a white middle-class family, struggling with identity issues growing up- Jasmine decides to embark on an emotional journey to meet her biological mother.


NESSARO Productions presents "Dear Mum" produced, written, directed and edited by Vanessa Roth, Cinematography by Stephen Otosio, Sound Recording by Jack Silverwood, Music by Paul Collier. Starring; Garcia Brown, Devarnio Connolly, Paul Stenton, Annette Fairclough, Ese Roth & Angelina Ezeh.